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God, I’m still not entirely over the Walking Dead finale… I actually replayed the last episode because I felt so guilty over my first choice.

I’m very happy that there’ll be a third season but I kinda doubt we’ll see Clem again. Season 1 had only one ending while season 2 had five. There’s no way they’ll create a game with five different starting positions.

Fan Fiction Friday #30

Catwoman isn’t used to being the hero but what will happen when The Bat’s little Bird needs her help?

Remember I take suggestions! If you have a favorite story, something you want to share with others - please drop me a note, send me the link.

Enjoy A Game of Cat and Bird by Charlene Edwards.

Have a meow weekend!


blackbatpurplecat replied to your post: bumblebeesandsussex replied to your po…

Wouldn’t it have been awesome if Bats was like “but… you look… just like… me! oh shit I mean…”

It was definitely a wasted opportunity for some steamy slash-fiction action. 

Two Bruces making out… Hm, what would that feel like for Bruce? Having sex with a twin or a clone? So either incest or masturbation.

I’m so messed up.

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