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I consider every blog I follow to be awesome. I recommend everyone I follow, just visit my blogroll for that list. These are in alphabetical order, and I am too lazy to tag every single one of you. Sorry if I forgot anyone!

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Yeah! There is me, there is me, there is me! :-D

Chris Dee is also incredibly supportive of the rest of the Catwoman fandom. She’s done a lot of things for my creative work with Selina on this blog, too, and so in addition to being a fan… I’m grateful for her contributions and love for us!

Oh, she’s the greatest! She was the one who really, really fired up my love for Purple Catwoman and her fanfic is like my bible, my personal canon. I have such an enormous fangirl crush on her and feel comfortable enough to admit that while knowing she’s following me and will probably see this. XD

She has this big heart for fellow BatCat fans and enjoys working with anyone who shares her purple passion and wants to contribute to the fandom. Chris is just the Bast! (See what I did there? *snicker*)

Well, I’m still here so it means it doesn’t happen often enough for me to get really annoyed. And I can see from your other followers’ reactions that it’s common for BatCat fans to hate on them so I’m probably a rare case for liking them all :P

Well, how many Talia fans do you know who like Catwoman? ;-)

I think it’s just that the ones who’ve spoken up don’t like them and you’re the only one who does like Talia/Damian. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more fans of them among the rest of those following me.

I just don’t cater to their tastes. That’s what other blogs are for.

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