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Anonymous asked:

What did you think of the Batman/Wonder Woman teases in JL/JLU?

Uh oh, dangerous territory! I know a lot of people ship Bruce/Diana - what might not be surprising is that I’m not one of them.

While the cartoon wasn’t the first time romantic feelings between those two were hinted at, it certainly drew a huge amount of attention to the pairing and made it more “mainstream”. I liked that Diana was well portrayed on the show. She wasn’t just eye candy or a trophy to win, neither did the creators work in a ridiculous love triangle between her, Bats, and Supes. God, I hate love triangles… She was her own woman, a compassionate warrior who was a vital member of the League and an equal part of the Trinity.

But sometimes the show got a liiittle too soap-y in my opinion. All that relationship drama! I mean look at Hawkgirl and GL. O_O And I had the feeling they’d only worked in Bats/WW because… they could. As if these characters were the only ones left when the makers worked on the question “who could we pair up with each other”. Why didn’t they pair Diana up with Clark? And does it really have to be one of the World’s Finest? Is no other man capable of “handling” her or “worthy” enough? How about Lantern? Arrow? Anyone? Or how about the obvious: Steve Trevor! You can count the episodes Steve was in on one hand - why?! Clark got his Lois, why not give Diana her Steve? We know the teases of BM/WW went nowhere, nor was the pairing ever a real part of a storyline, so why put it in when you have a canon love interest who could have been used to shed even more light on Diana’s mythology and history which many people still know nothing about? (I’m also miffed that they completely forgot about Catwoman on Batman’s side.)

Also, I think Bruce and Diana don’t fit together. Yes, folks, get your pitchforks and torches, I’m gonna go there! (It’s no dealbreaker but I’m gonna mention it anyway: Wonder Woman’s universe and Batman’s universe don’t match. Okay, got that out. Moving on.) While Diana’s honest, caring, and confident nature could have a positive influence on Bruce, it would never work the other way round. Plus, Bruce is fucking difficult! He is! He’s a real nutjob. Completely insane. Being with him is like a 24/7 challenge. And people want to hand this huge piece of work, the most complicated person, to a woman who had lived the biggest part of her life on a peaceful island without any men? Diana doesn’t take bullshit from anyone, she’s a straight shooter. She’s learning how to deal with that weird race men, how they work, what makes them tick. I highly doubt she’d put up with Bruce’s stubbornness and emotional detachment (from the outside) for very long. It pains me to say that she’s lacking experience and that sneaky finesse to work through or around the walls Bruce had put up. I’m actually wondering if she’d even get romantically interested in that dark, brooding buzzkill. Diana doesn’t strike me as a woman who’d fall for the “mysterious bad boy”.

I personally prefer the Trinity as partners and friends. Their friendship’s dynamic is so much more interesting and there are way too few depictions of relationships between women and men without love or sex. Women and men can be platonic friends without any budding romances and this is how I like my Trinity best.

Td;dr: It kinda bugged me, I could have done without it.

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