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Anonymous asked:

Huntress and Catman is a thing?

I’m no expert when it comes to Helena Bertinelli Huntress, I just remember they had some kind of reverse Batman/Catwoman thing going.


Which AGAIN raises the question why the writers had made the rebooted Huntress character so much like Helena Wayne without making her the actual Helena Wayne.

Helena Wayne Huntress on the other hand has never faced Catman since there’s no Catman on Earth-2 as far as I remember. helenawaynehuntress, help me out!

I just listed the pairing because of what I said above. Vigilante Wayne!Huntress fighting and loving a criminal with a cat theme is a nice idea in my fangirl eyes! Selina would find it amusing and Bruce would be torn to no end as he’s trying to protect his innocent baby girl from the bad tomcat while having to admit that it had worked out wonderfully between a bad kitty and himself.


Catman getting his arse handed to him by Catwoman.

On that note, I miss this version of Catwoman.

The badassery, the self-confidence, the fact that she was actually GOOD at what she does. All of that is missing from the current version. :(

On another unrelated note, the tied-up guy in the chair is wearing Catman’s original pre-Crisis costume. The more you know!


Anonymous asked:

The thing that's sad is that batman is always meant to end up alone and so is catwoman

That’s the status quo. But it’s not unchangeable!

Look at Batman’s history. He started out alone, then got a butler/father, a son and even more sidekicks over the years, had his back broken, died, traveled through time, went to jail, was raped, got a bratty kid, etc. etc. There wouldn’t be so many colleagues, family members, friends and developments if writers hadn’t changed and/or added some new pieces to his mythos.

I’m not asking for marrying Bruce to Selina for good! But I want to see them being really together for longer than 3 issues! There are stories of Superman in which he is alone, then has a girlfriend, has a wife, and now he has a new girlfriend again. Writers dared to do something different with him. That’s what I want and expect from Batman writers; to have the guts and creativity to add a new side to Bruce’s life: a long-term relationship with the woman he’s loved since the 40s!

And we know it’s not something that can’t be undone! Look at Dick: he was Robin for years, then he was Nightwing, then Batman, then Nightwing again. Barbara was Batgirl, then Oracle, now Batgirl again. Characters can go through different stages and return to any they’d already passed. Have Bruce and Selina give their relationship a chance and then after years (realtime mind you), give them a plausible reason to go separate ways if you don’t want them together forever. Write about the complications, joys, and compromises there are when a vigilante and a criminal love each other; problems that go beyond “hi, let’s kiss, it would never work out, bye”. That’s lazy and forbids the characters the chance to evolve and grow.

There was a storyline in which Selina had a child. No matter what you think about it, it was something new and didn’t go away after 5 issues. Being a single mom was a different aspect in Selina’s life. Writers gave it a try, and ended it by having Selina be alone again. And they referenced back to the kid several times after that storyline’s ending, that’s how you can do it.

I’ve seen that it works! It’s possible for Bruce to have a relationship with Selina while being Batman. It’s no instant Happy End but the beginning of a new journey. And no writer has dared to start such a journey (the Hush storyline was the closest we’ve gotten so far), their only excuse for not having to think of something clever to write is “Batman’s supposed to be lonely for all eternity”.

If they’re too chicken to do it, how about writing about Earth-2 Batman?! He’s married and has a kid! Use Earth-2 to explore possibilities for committed Batman. I’ve said so many times that there are dozens of untold stories with lots of potential for Bruce simultaneously being Batman, CEO Bruce, husband Bruce, and daddy. Write about their married life, how they’re raising a new crimefighter, anything!

That way we can have the cake and eat it. Fans of lonely Batman still have “mainstream universe Bats” and BatCat shippers get BatCat stories on Earth-2.

The “they’re always meant to end up alone” schtick doesn’t convince me anymore.

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