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lydiamartcn asked:

I actually liked Talia as a character until she kinda got ruin but I never liked the relationship with her and batman just I always believe she loved batman more not bruce wayne and that's only because her father saw him as a leader for his clan

Now we’re entering dangerous territory since I don’t want to pointlessly anger Talia fans! I haven’t read many issues featuring Talia, I never focused very much on her development, but I still allowed myself to form an opinion on her. Only keep reading if you’re open and willing! If you’re not, that’s totally fine with me!

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jrpk78 asked:

Comics Meme asks: 1, 4, 6, 7, 10

1. a character you’d be happy never to see again

Damian Wayne

4. five negative things- arcs, deaths, events, issues - that stuck with you

Frank Miller’s portrayal of women, the mistreatment of Sue Dibny’s rape, Talia raping Bruce, Batman: Son of the Demon, Damian’s introduction

6. three characters you admire

Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain

7. two characters you’d like to see swap powers

Oh God, that’s hard! I’m not very creative when it comes to questions like this one… Don’t know… Batman and Aquaman? Because Batman seems to have the power to make everyone love him and Aquaman NEEDS some love!

10. a character who deserved better from the text

every DC character since the New52 reboot!!!


Anonymous asked:

Were you ep ever hurt when in Arkham City the video game they focus more on Talia and Bruce relationship then Selina and Bruce relationship

I was surprised and disappointed actually.

When I saw the Catwoman DLC, my heart skipped a beat, I was sooo looking forward to the game! Playing as Catwoman was awesome but the lack of BatCat was a bit of a downer. And the Talia scenes just made it worse. I sat here cringing all the way through the cutscenes. Didn’t really get the point.

BUT the game made me cheer and laugh and grin at least at the end when she died!



Ooof that Huntress/Blue Beetle episode of Brave and the Bold was all sorts of uncomfortable! The entire Huntress/Batman dynamic was unbearable. Not only should Helena Bertinelli not be into Bruce at all, but with her wearing the Helena Wayne Huntress costume? It reeked of just such weird incesty vibes. And between Beetle drooling over her the whole time and Batman’s dialogue over the top cheesey, that whole episode was a stinker.

It’s weird how great some of these episodes are and how much of a chore others are.

Oh my. I can’t wait to see your reaction to the Mask of Matches Malone episode where this was a thing that happened.

I think this episode—far more than the one you’re discussing here—takes the whole ‘Huntress being into her dad’ creepiness factor to a whole new level. :P

The sad part is even the pre-Crisis comics presented both the Earth-1 Batman and the Earth-2 Huntress in ways that…uh…didn’t look appropriate for a father and daughter even if parallel. x_x


Bruce, come on. What the hell.

And do you remember that weird kiss?! A cringe fest! The way she says this sounds like she’s having a serious sexy crush on the guy who’s basically her father “in young”.


Anonymous asked:

What was Selina's relationship with Slam bradley anyways I never those comics sooo :-/

It’s been a long while since I’ve read them, so please forgive me if I screw up some facts!

Slam was her friend and one of her allies (but I wouldn’t call him a side-kick). Slam was hired to investigate Catwoman’s death (after Selina had faked her own death to take a time out) and she let him find her. Slam realized that Selina was a good person, stopped digging for further information, and fell in love with her. They worked together to protect the East End, Gotham’s poorer and more crime-ridden district Selina was living in. He was kind of her Gordon.

I believe after Black Mask had attacked her family, she began an affair with Slam and that just rubbed me the wrong way. Selina was vulnerable, she knew how he felt about her, and she simply used him to feel better for a bit. They barely talked, she always left before sunrise, and Slam knew that they’d “break up” soon anyway making the affair a desperate, guilt-ridden mess without any real good sides. If I remember correctly, he eventually left her for those reasons and they stayed friends. He wasn’t the complete victim since he knew how Selina felt and allowed her to use him but he was the one who came to his senses to end their affair and he was the one with the broken heart at the end.

I felt bad for the guy because he loved her and was hoping for something serious but she was too independent and uninterested in commitment. Besides, her heart already belonged to Batman/Bruce and always would. I still remember that one moment after Selina and Bruce had returned to her place after a date. They finally slept together (YESTHEYMADEHELENAANDDONTTELLMEOTHERWISE!!!) while Slam was about to enter her apartment building holding a bouquet of flowers. Luckily, a friend told him Selina wasn’t home. That poor guy.

They had a much better dynamic being friends (the same thing I’m always saying about Wonder Woman with Superman and/or Batman). While I didn’t like them as lovers, I pitied Slam and was angry with Selina. He didn’t deserve to be treated like that and she was too inconsiderate.

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